Virtual Walk-of-Ages Fundraiser
Walk 2020 Photos


A big thank you to everyone who donated and participated in our Virtual Walk-of-Ages today! This year especially fundraisers are so important as we cover unexpected costs associated with COVID-19 response. We proudly support participants at home as well as invest in our center so we can safely open as soon as possible.

We were thrilled to honor Arlene Woods today as she has been a wonderfully supportive participant, artist, and Board member of ours for many years. Arlene’s smile and positive attitude add so much to our Center. Along with her artwork which remains hanging in our café.

At our very first walk, Arlene and her great-grandson celebrated being youngest and oldest walker. Today Arlene, along with two of her daughters helped us kick off our Walk-of-Ages 2020.

We’d like to thank Dan from Appletree Bay Physical Therapy for sharing with us the importance of staying active, in our homes and outside! Dan will be back over the summer with a full presentation.

Also, thank you to the Burlington New North End Jazzercizers who helped warm us up for our walk. And our Walking Guides: Gail our Center’s Board President, Michele Catella from Jazzercise New North End, and Adele our Center Coordinator. You all did a great job!
Walk of Ages 2020 will honor Arlene Woods. Arlene is a long-time Center participant, Board member, and artist! She and her family mean a great deal to us. Arlene and her great-grandson also received acknowledgment at our first Walk of Ages event for the most senior and youngest walker. Both can be seen in the photo below.